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Semi-Truck Accident? What Next?

Have you been in a Semi-truck accident? Statistics estimate that there are 15.5 million commercial trucks (2 million of those tractor-trailers) operating in the United States. While this number only accounts for around 5% of motor vehicles, semi-trucks represent over 12% of automobile deaths. An approximated 80,000 injuries and 4,000 deaths take place each year in accidents involving semi-trucks. In most circumstances, it is the person( s) of the other auto( s) involved in the accident that suffers injury or dies.

Investigating and prosecuting an automobile accident including a semi-truck is far more complex than a mishap involving basic automobiles. Semi-trucks are under different federal regulations, include more complicated innovation, and are insured differently than basic automobiles.

Trucking companies are known to send their own investigative teams to crash sites instantly to start collecting information to safeguard the interests of their driver and the company. So, if you have been associated with a mishap with a semi– truck, it is vital that you rapidly look for the help of an experienced legal representative to assist secure your interest.

An experienced personal injury lawyer at The Price Law Firm will have the ability to do things that you can refrain from doing by yourself, such as:

  • Make sure that the trucking business does not ruin any crucial evidence
  • Rebuild the mishap scene
  • Examine the truck involved for any malfunctions and evaluate its information recorder
  • Get and evaluate all Company records pertaining to the chauffeur and truck involved
  • Interview witnesses and utilize the help of specialist witnesses
  • The details gathered from these actions might play a crucial role in the outcome of your case.

The attorneys at The Price Law Firm in Panama City, FL,  have years of experience handling mishaps involving commercial automobiles. We comprehend the intricacies and understand the best ways to assist safeguard your interest.  Contact us at (850) 215-2195!